Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

Our Valentine's Day was pretty good. Greg got home in enough time to see the kids and get the Valentine Card that we made for him. Here are my boys, all smiling at the same time (A Valentine's Day Miracle!)

Nick worked hard to write "I love you Daddy" on a big red heart. 

I worked with the boys all evening to make homemade cards and pictures for Greg. I asked them to draw things that Greg liked, and they drew candy (Nick), a moon (Henry), and a bottle of wine (Nick). I even drew some pictures of my own, including one of Greg's "real" gift. For a combination gift (birthday/V-day/Anniversary), I'll be getting Greg a mountain bike and all of the accouterments he will need.

Reason #435 that I am not an art teacher.

We set up a surprise thinking that Greg wouldn't get home in time to see the boys before bedtime.

Henry had a special message for Greg, though only those who understand Henry-speak may comprehend it.

For the kids, I have a tradition where we buy them a special book for Valentine's Day, which I inscribe with a message for each boy. Henry really, really liked his book, which was a wordless picture book about a dog and his ball.

Nick enjoyed his transportation-themed book as well, though he wasn't as affectionate with it.

Lest you think that Greg forgot about my Valentine's Day present, I should show you this:

When I got home from Open House last night, I found these lovely flowers and gorgeous silver bracelet from my husband sitting on the counter. A great surprise to conclude a very long night. 

Greg is excellent at picking out quality jewelry. 

I was excited to wear my Valentine's Day-themed sweater and bracelet this morning, though you can't really see the bracelet in this picture. Henry is smiling, though. That is a rare and happy occurrence, at least when the camera is on. Dancing, for Henry, is far more common. I like their moves to "Last Dance with Mary Jane."

I have to say this has been my favorite Valentine's Day yet, even though Greg and I haven't had our official "date" yet. (We'll go out later this month.) This was the first year my boys both said "I love you, Mommy." I think they even meant it. I don't want to forget reading Henry and Nick the wordless picture book I got Henry and having them tell the story to me. Henry is sleeping right now, hugging that book tight.  :)

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