Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Beanie, A Ball, and Bedtime

Bedtime at our house tonight was interesting. After staying at work late to teach a class and driving home in foggy, rainy conditions, I was happy to have a little time with my guys. I recently got Henry some new clothes, since he's been growing like a weed. This little outfit came with a matching beanie that Henry was initially hesitant to wear.

We got Nick to wear the beanie so Henry would want to copy him. We bounced them around on the ball to tire them out before bedtime. Grandma Toni snapped most of these photos.  

Nick could care less about the beanie, he just wanted to bounce on the ball forever. Pictures of Nick always end up a little blurry.

Henry was never thrilled about the beanie, but he loved the yoga ball. I can count bouncing them around on a ball as a strengthening workout, right? Henry weighs almost 30 pounds and Nick is well over 30 pounds, so I'd say it counts.

Henry just wanted to stay up an extra few minutes and watch Daddy paint.

Does he look just a little too much like a rebellious teenager here? Hmmmm. Perhaps I should be worried.

I do love bedtime, especially with these little hoodlums.  :)

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