Monday, February 10, 2014

Block Towers and Indoor Joy

We've had to be pretty creative with the indoor activities lately. This weekend, Henry entertained himself by making block towers. Big ones. He kept saying, "Look, Mommy! I did that! It is big!"

It takes so little to make Henry happy--or sad for that matter. This time, though, he was thrilled with himself and his building prowess.

I try to remember the little times like these, when I'm happily camped out on the couch, cheering on my super-builder as he attempts daring feats of engineering. He didn't want or need my help, just my occasional snapping of a photo to show him how cool he looks. Oh, and a sympathy hug when the tower fell.

This is just before Nick did a Ninja kick and destroyed the tower. But all was well. They rebuilt the tower again and played nicely. Henry is a good sport, at least some of the time.

As I kissed Henry's fuzzy little head tonight and scratched Nick's back (he loves my fingernails), I thought about how much I love these little guys, even when they drive me insane. I noticed that Nick smells more like a little boy now (not gross, he had a bath, just boy-like). Henry still has that fresh baby smell that I love so much. He puts his arms around my neck and I never want to forget how that feels.

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