Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday Greg!

My husband turned the big 4-0 today, so the boys and I went to Costco to buy him a few of his favorite things. We found two nice bottles of wine, and a huge mousse cake. I also made him a card tonight for him to find when he gets home from work. Poor guy had to watch the kids all day and then go to work until very late. To make matters more complicated, the boys were not, ahem, on their best behavior today. He deserves a custom-made card.

The boys helped me pick out the pictures and even the things to say. They made sure I mentioned the art books and the lamb burgers (our dinner last night). My husband is a man of many talents and much love. His patience grows day by day, as tested by his wife and sons.

This is the back of the card, and yes, Henry really was dancing on the cocktail table while I was making this card. This stuff is too funny to make up.

Do you doubt the dancing prowess of Henry? Check this one out. This dance is for Greg, the best daddy ever!

Greg's real present will be a mountain bike, along with helmet and accouterments, that will be a combination gift after the thaw (Birthday, V-Day, etc.). Proving, once more, that Greg looks great for 40, even in biking shorts (I bet. I have never seen such a thing in person, though I'll ensure he gets some as part of his new outfit.) This was Greg's greatest wish for a present, along with some time to ride alone. I can understand that, since my greatest joy lately has been a half-hour of shopping alone. I know Greg's actual birthday wasn't too exciting, but I'm hoping he's a little cheered by the cake and wine I left for him.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and father. Forty looks great on you!  :)

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