Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Staying in Louisville

Driving to Chicago from Gatlinburg would be quite a drive with our little guys, so we purposely planned our trip with a stop in Louisville, KY. We lucked into a suite at the Galt House, where we were during my spring break. We loved it so much that I think we'll be staying there every time we are in the area.

The boys were fascinated by this hotel, and Nick was actually angry that we were only staying one night. He thought we should live in this hotel. I can't blame him.

The boys especially loved the conservatory. The boys wanted to see the bar with an aquarium inside, and they were duly impressed. The fish? Not so much.

Henry kept wanting to mess with the birdies.

Yes, I do realize he was also trying to tear off my shirt. Bad habit.

The kids enjoyed climbing on the couches. They were pretty comfortable, but we only stayed a few minutes because we didn't want to cause a ruckus. Heck, my children always cause a ruckus.

Since the weather was gorgeous, we explored the balconies out by the pool. The views were amazing.

Henry lounged for awhile, but we didn't swim. Not quite warm enough, I think.

But the best part of this day was when Grandma Toni watched the boys. She ordered them room service so that Greg and I could eat out at Rivue, the restaurant at the top of the Galt Hotel. It's a rotating restaurant, so you can see the entire city skyline and the river.

Just looking out the window was entertainment enough as the room slowly turned around, but the sunset added a little something extra.

This wasn't a cheap meal, but the prices were pretty reasonable for some very fancy, delicious food that was prepared well. The drinks were yummy as well, but not as good as the dessert.

I believe I had some sort of blueberry mousse. It's funny how I don't remember details often, but I remember desserts that I've enjoyed. . . .

I'm feeling rather nostalgic for our date night. Now that I am getting ready to go back to school, a night on the town sounds magnificent. Anyhow, if you'd like to check out my Yelp reviews, here they are:

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