Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Around Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg ended up being a pretty awesome place for a family vacation. We spent a lot of time around town, and discovered some really cool places. There were some spectacular views, as well.

Our hotel was close to downtown, so we walked almost everywhere. Good thing, too, because we ate out and we weren't exactly counting calories.

Our favorite dinner, by far, was at the Melting Pot. Nick had never tried fondue, and he thought it was magnificent. Henry screamed until we put him in the stroller, and then he passed out for awhile.

The chocolate fondue, of course, was the best.

Toni watched the boys one night so we could go out on the town. We had a drink up on the balcony of a dive bar and did some people-watching, which was quite interesting. (With little kids, we don't get out much.)

I liked the sign on the bar overlooking the street. Apparently, yelling must be a problem!

Gatlinburg at night was pretty and lively.

The moon looked spooky that night. I kept trying to catch pictures of it before it disappeared behind clouds.


It's true that Gatlinburg is somewhat touristy, but I still thought it was a quaint place to visit.

Toni and I got to do some shopping one day while the boys napped, and that is something I haven't done on a trip in a long while. Greg cannot stand shopping of any kind.

Sigh. Nick starts school this Thursday, and I start the Monday after that! I'm feeling a little sad, looking at all of our vacation pictures. It seems like this summer really flew by.

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