Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visiting Auntie Mandy!

Last week, Auntie Mandy invited us for dinner and to see all of the renovations she'd done to her place.

Nick was extremely excited, especially because he knows Auntie Mandy will play with him. Plus, she has cool stuff at her house.

Who else has her own bubble gum machine filled with M &Ms? It took my children about three point two seconds to figure out how to get the candy out of this machine.

Who else has a fireplace mantel filled with costumed Lego-Men?

Or an acoustic guitar next to the fireplace?

Or her own collection of coloring books? Nick especially enjoyed the guitar, which Auntie Mandy even let him play.

My sister cooked us a delicious dinner of homemade mac n' cheese and a chicken casserole. Henry loved it, if by "loved it" you mean he smeared it all over his clothing and dropped half of it on the floor. . .

It was really yummy. For dessert, Auntie Mandy had chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate cake for Greg's birthday (belated). We even sang to him.

I love the blinds on Mandy's sliding glass doors, because they are inside the glass, and therefore do not need to be dusted. How wonderful is that? It's pretty cool, but not as awesome as chocolate, at least from Henry's point of view.

We had an awesome time at Auntie Mandy's, though her cats were possibly traumatized.

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