Saturday, March 9, 2013

Interview With Nick: The Interrogation

Nick's daddy is at a two-day conference, and he isn't coming back until tonight. But Nick has a confession to make about why we'll need to rent a steam-cleaner for the bedroom carpet. Does he look guilty?

 I woke up this morning to the sound of children giggling. I walked groggily into the bedroom. It was only 7:15, after all. And what, to my wondering eyes should appear? Nick, sitting on the floor, squirting an entire 60 ounce bottle of children's shampoo onto the carpet. In the crib was Henry, (my younger son) completely naked and playing with his own pile of shampoo than Nick must've squirted for him.

My husband is away at a conference, so I asked Nick to explain what happened so his daddy will know why we need to rent a steam cleaner for the carpet.

Instead of getting angry, I'm trying really hard to have Nick talk about the decisions he makes and why they are good or bad choices. Thus, this interrogation, which turned into more of a confessional.


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I don't think I can blame this little guy, since he was in his crib the whole time. Nick must've squirted a bunch of shampoo in the crib for Henry to play with--the pile of shampoo was huge! 

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