Friday, March 1, 2013

Dancing Gentlemen

My boys have been taking dance classes every Friday, and both of them are getting better at following directions, though I am not sure either one has a future on Broadway.

Henry doing "The Superman"

Henry has been starting to participate in the stretching exercises, too. He's a little more flexible than I am. Ahh, the wonder of youth.

Years from now, when my boys are at the stage when their mom is embarrassing and they don't want to be around me, I'll just play these video clips and remember. . .

I adore seeing the joy on Henry's face as he dances around. I'm feeling a little sentimental tonight.

One reason I'm glad I waited until a little later in life to have children is that I honestly treasure these moments with them. I feel like I waited so long to be the mom, and now I want to honor these times.

Nick does  follow some of the directions in dance class the last few weeks.

There's a glass door closed during his classes, but I managed to snap some video last week of him doing a real routine. I am proud of his progress.

My little men might not be terrific dances, but they will have had dancing classes and hopefully be comfortable in their own skin.  :)  Or the skin of a giraffe. Whatever works.

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