Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, and I had a birthday, too.

June is a really busy month for my family. My birthday is on the 5th, wedding anniversary is on the 8th, and Henry was born on the 9th. When you add in Father's Day plus two more family birthdays, June is more than a little busy.

I did manage to get to my mom's house to celebrate my birthday, though. Being 29 for the sixth time is at least worth some red velvet cake!

This birthday I felt a lot better than at my last one. For one thing, my ankles aren't swollen and I'm definitely not waddling. I'm particularly proud of the fact that I'm around 50 pounds lighter than I was this time last year. (Only 6 pounds, 14 ounces of that could be attributed to Henry, who now weighs more than 20 pounds himself. More, after he devoured some red velvet cake.)

Nick helped me blow out the birthday candles. Auntie Mandy had a great time exhausting herself with the boys. At one point, I believe both of them were wrestling with her on the grass. (Someone fed Nick TWO pieces of red velvet cake.) Neither of my sons likes to stay still, even for a picture.

The boys loved playing in the backyard. I believe Nick is holding a toy slot machine. Getting started on the gambling early, I presume.

Now that both boys are walking, everyone is busy when my sons come to visit. My mom was pulling Henry's hands from her tomato plant in this picture.

A piggyback ride with Grandpa Ray made Henry even more excited than he was before!

In the midst of an extremely busy week, my birthday was fun and relaxing.

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