Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Henry in a Box

Henry has been climbing into, onto, and up everything he can lately. Here he is sitting in the Lego box.

The thing about little boys is that they don't fear getting hurt until they actually hit the floor. So I always have to have one hand ready to save the day. Or wipe off the tears.

Lately Henry likes to crawl into the boxes of toys in our living room and toss out all the toys. He thinks it is great fun, even when he falls out of the boxes and bumps his head. I'm trying to teach him to toss the toys back in to the boxes, but no luck as of yet. I caught the Lego in midair with this picture.

Few things in life are as futile as picking up Legos and putting them in a box only to have a baby throw them out again. Still cute, though. 

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