Friday, June 1, 2012

Henry Playing with a Bucket

Last weekend I did a marathon of gardening, and Henry enjoyed every second of being outside. Bucket time, though, was the most fun for him.

Splashing is one of Henry's favorite pastimes, and last weekend the heat made water extra necessary. He is standing so well now, and this enables him to splash with BOTH hands at the same time.

The whole time Henry was playing with the bucket, an old song I used to sing when I was a camp counselor came to mind. "There's a hole in the bucket, Mariah, Mariah, a hole in the bucket, Mariah a hole." "So fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry, so fix it dear Henry, dear Henry, fix it!" That's all I could remember. I'll have to look up the rest of the words. 

Today was my last day of school, though summer school begins next week. Still, I'll have a lot more time to be outside with the boys, enjoying the weather and smiles like these.

I'll be back tomorrow with another post, this time about why Nick hasn't appeared in many posts lately. (Hint: We've been trying the "Naked and $75" method of potty training with him.)

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