Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Henry's First Birthday Party

My younger son Henry turned one on June 9th, and we threw him a party. He's too young to know that all the fuss was for him, but he sure had a great time.

The look on his face in the above picture is classic Henry--wry half-smile, expectantly looking at the camera, and purposely not giving us a gleeful grin. He saved that for when he had nearly finished his cupcake.

Speaking of cupcakes, I was pretty happy with the ones we picked this time. When Greg and I were in Geneva for our anniversary, we found a cute little cupcake shop called The Latest Crave. The cupcakes were yummy, but they looked elegant, too.

My sister took all of these pictures, and they turned out really well. Check out this one with the candle.

Henry is looking dubiously at the candle. Who came up with the idea of having lit candles on birthday cakes, anyway? Henry thinks we're all crazy for doing such a weird thing.

Henry received quite a few new toys for his very first birthday, and he had been loving all of them. The lawnmower, however, has a special place in Henry's heart because he can push it.

Look at all the boxes! Henry was excited by his new wardrobe options. Not really, but hey, he's a guy.

Nick kept wondering why the attention wasn't on him. He is used to lots of attention, and he wasn't sure what to do when that attention was focused on his little brother who is, after all, only a baby and not as cool as him.

My eldest, therefore, spent the party making a general nuisance of himself. Nick was jealous, though of course very happy for Henry's special day. He was especially happy to steal Henry's new toys.

I find it fascinating how very different my two sons are. . . I wonder how Henry's personality will develop in the next year.

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