Sunday, December 12, 2010

Way Too Cold.

So what did we do this weekend? Christmas shopping? Santa visits? Wrapping Christmas gifts? Grading papers? Playing in the snow? Nope. The picture above illustrates our weekend perfectly well.

We did nothing. Literally we did not leave the house from Friday evening on, and nothing of value was accomplished. Why? Because it was way too cold.

All I felt like doing this weekend was curling up on the couch with a book. All of us still have colds, and the idea of walking outside in this miserable weather was just too much to handle. I've survived by taking benedryl every night so that I can breathe while I sleep. Nick just gets extra crabby and needy. Plus, he took a five hour nap on Saturday. He must feel like hibernating, too.

Usually, we do not watch much tv. But this weekend, we indulged in anything sedentary. We watched the weather channel, as you can see. Greg even let Nick watch some of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when I wasn't paying attention.  He seemed very concerned about the snakes. "I see snakes!" and then, later, "Snakes in there. Uh-oh." Like any male, though, my little boy was glued to the action movie for at least 20 minutes. Must be a guy thing.

I hope that this weather does not continue. It is way too cold.

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