Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big Brother?

Nick has just recently found out that he's going to be a big brother. Does he look surprised? Well, I'm not sure he totally gets the concept, but we've been telling him "There's a baby in Mommy's tummy." He looks back at me quizzically and asks, "Baby in there?" Nick likes to poke my tummy--he thinks it's funny and he's definitely noticed it growing. Then, a few times, he has poked Greg in his tummy and said, "Baby in there?" This is where I started laughing hysterically. I've been teasing Greg for the last few weeks about eating so many sweets, and now Nick thinks his daddy is pregnant, too. Yup. He's pregnant with twin cream puffs.

So here are the promised details: I'm about 15 weeks pregnant, and due June 15th. We opted for CVS testing (roughly the same prenatal testing procedure as amnio, just done at 11 weeks) and just found out that the results are clear. We waited to tell most people because I've already had a miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy this year, so we wanted to make sure everything was okay with this one. Honestly, I wouldn't even let myself get excited until the first trimester was through. I've been feeling pretty good, except for my feet, and I've had to wear maternity clothes since I was about 8 weeks along. I'm pretty sure I can already feel him wriggling around in there.   : )

Oh, and the genetic tests did show that it is a boy. I enjoy being a parent more than I ever thought I would, and I'm really looking forward to having two little boys. I'm sure they'll exhaust me, but they'll also make me laugh and make life far more interesting.

Did that answer all of your questions? If not, please just ask.

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