Sunday, November 29, 2009

Puppies and Duck in Wisconsin

I'm still waiting for my sister to send out her Thanksgiving pictures, so I'll talk about Friday first. We took Nick up to Greg's dad and stepmom's place in Delavan, Wisconsin, where we stayed until Saturday morning. We did not shop on Black Friday. I cannot think of anything I want badly enough to risk injury and hour-long lines. As you can see, Nick had fun playing with the puppies. I wish I had taken more pictures, but we were too busy enjoying ourselves.
Nick's grandparents took us out for dinner at a place called the Duck Inn. The food there was delicious, and yes, Nick ate and liked duck. He was relatively well-behaved, although he made quite a mess. His Uncle Matthew was holding him for awhile, and he kept trying to steal his Aunt Sarah's Brandy Alexander. That would not have been good. Don't think for a moment that the boy was deprived, though. We fed him chocolate lava cake for dessert.

Can you see the chocolate smeared all over his cheek? Not a bad trip. We got back yesterday and have pretty much stayed in our pajamas since. Five day weekends are nice. Very nice.

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