Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Ride in a Duck? Yup.

One thing I made sure to plan on during our trip to Wisconsin Dells was a ride in a Duck. If you've never been, Ducks are these really neat WWII amphibious vehicles that can drive in land and in water.

I figured that even if the boys weren't into the scenery, they'd like the excitement of going in and out of the water. I was right.

I love the way the trees grow right on top of and into the rocks. Honestly, anytime I travel, I'm always drawn to any activities that take place on a boat. Though I just like the peacefulness of traveling on the river and watching the scenery, Henry and Nick liked the bumpy, rowdy parts of the ride.

This is the face Henry made when I told him to smile.

At one point, our driver gunned it and drove straight into the lake, making a huge splash and delighting the boys. A Duck handles like a really old car without power steering, shocks, or brake pads.

Greg said he hit the side of the duck and got bruised. Henry said something that sounded like, "Again!"

This was before the aforementioned bruising splash.

Grandma Toni enjoyed the duck ride, too, despite the fact that it was really cold that morning. In fact, our whole trip the weather was chilly for August. Poor Greg didn't bring a sweatshirt because, well, it was August!

Even after our Duck ride, we were able to ride a Shuttle Duck back to our hotel. Nick liked the Shuttle Duck so much it made him sing "Let it Go" from Frozen.

For the rest of our trip, every time we saw one of these ducks, Henry and Nick announced, "That's our Duck!"

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