Monday, September 22, 2014

The Search for Halloween Costumes, Part II

Something I didn't mention about our shopping trip last Friday night was how Nick found, as he put it, "a Marty vest." While I was looking around at Gymboree, Nick came across a red puffer vest just like the one Michael J. Fox wears in the first "Back to the Future" movie. He insisted that I buy it, so he could be Marty McFly for Halloween. Then the search began for the rest of his costume. First, we had to find a jean jacket that would work under the puffer vest.

What do you think? Nick knows he's cool in his new jacket. We found it on the clearance rack, thank goodness. That wasn't all, though. Marty McFly, you see, dressed in layers.

Nick needed a red t-shirt, then a blue checkered button-down shirt, then a jean jacket, then the puffer vest. Whew! Thanks to some very helpful store clerks (it was a slow night with not many customers), I found almost everything in the Oshkosh store. Does Nick (above) look like Marty (below)?

He sure thought so! "Nobody calls me chicken!" he said as he checked himself out in the mirror.

Now all that's left will be finding him white Nike shoes with the red swoosh and some retro 1980's sunglasses. Oh, and maybe I can find a little DeLorean or a kid-sized skateboard to carry around.

We've been watching the trilogy all weekend.  

Oh, and Henry? He begged for a jean jacket too, so he could be "cool." And for his costume? Hmm. Well, we were thinking perhaps Doc Brown. He already says, "Great Scott!" in perfect character.

His hair is already nearly white and it sticks up in a pretty funny way when we gel it up. Anyone have a poodle skirt? Nick wants Greg and I to be George and Lorraine.

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