Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busy School Days

There is something about this time of year that makes me feel frantic. Busy days are followed by busy nights, and every night is getting shorter. Nick doesn't understand how days shorten as summer wanes, so he keeps telling me "it's very late at night!" even when it isn't.

It looks dark, but it wasn't even 8 p.m.

Nick has been very "into" drawing pictures of people lately, and his pictures are getting better. We think this is great, since Nick usually doesn't sit still for very long.

Does it count as "sitting still" if he stood wiggling his feet while drawing this?

Sometimes he'll even draw a whole village of people. I'm always afraid to ask who they are; he once drew a whole page of Grandma Tonis and no one else.

Yes, many of the people in this picture are holding light sabers. 

Henry's art is a little bit more free form. I believe he did this one at preschool with stamps. I like how his preschool teacher gives the kids something to use and lets them create whatever they want. His projects may not be cutesy, but they are clearly made by Henry.

I love this picture Nick drew. No, he can't swim, but he can draw a stick person swimming. That's better than I can do! (Though, to be fair, I can actually swim.)

Not too shabby for only a few weeks into Kindergarten.  

It's funny how often Henry and Nick talk about their water park visit, even now, nearly a month later. Nick even wore his wolf ears tonight while Greg helped him with his homework. Nick has homework every night, plus he has to practice reading two easy-reader books.

He was practicing writing the number 2. 

I don't mind story time, even when the books are sent by the school. It is different being the parent reading assigned books instead of the teacher assigning those books. I still see the benefits, but it's a different perspective. Since school started, though, I've been extra tired every night. It must be waking up every day before 6 a.m. I know how Henry feels; he's been making a habit of passing out on the stairs.

Henry has homework, too, for his Speech Teacher. He has to practice saying certain words. 

Now I'm off to bed myself. These long school days make me very tired.

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