Monday, December 30, 2013

Pajamas, Pancakes, and Pandemonium: Our Christmas Day Brunch

This year we decided (okay, it was my idea, and everyone else was nice enough to go along with it) to make our annual brunch a pajama gathering. I bought new pajamas for everyone. Nobody matched, though, because that would be taking my cheesiness just a little bit too far.

I think everyone should get new pajamas for Christmas. 

Of all our Christmas celebrations, I think this one was my favorite, because it was so low-key and fun. We played with the boys, chatted, and ate all kinds of naughty foods.

Speaking of naughty foods. . .

Greg's Christmas gift to me was some new hoodie-footie pajamas. He had noticed that I've been really cold all the time lately, and thought these would help.

These are the most comfortable pajamas on earth, even if I do look like an obese Smurf.

At the time I was trying these on, the kids were watching A Christmas Story, and we decided that the only thing I needed was bunny ears on the hood to look like Ralphie. I decided to wear my Christmas pajamas and save these for a chilly day. Here was our pajama picture.

Henry had polar bear pajamas, and Nicholas had penguin jammies. 

Henry and Nick were SO excited to see their aunt and uncle.

Check out those grins!

It turns out, Aunt Sarah is a whiz with transformers, and she helped Nick with his complicated one.

Nick decided he wanted to take pictures, too, though most of them ended up blurry.

Our brunch was simple: pancakes, scrambled eggs with goat cheese and peppers, and fruit.

Nothing fancy, but plenty of love, bacon, and sticky fingers (oh, and carbohydrates, of course).

Do you think I made the right choice with the penguin jammies? I think I would've been a little overheated in my smurf jammies, though I wore them the other day for 32 hours straight.

There were plenty of gifts to go around, and our entire afternoon was taken up by the gift-opening and the disposal of wrapping paper. Grandma Toni was very specific about throwing away the wrapping paper.

Henry adored his new binoculars, but refused to look through the correct end. He can be stubborn sometimes.  

Nicholas loves the tight hugs from Aunt Sarah best.

Nicholas adored his new cubes, which stack in really awesome ways.

They make the coolest kids' toys nowadays.

Darth Vader modeled my beautiful new jewelry. He has good taste. 

Henry adored Uncle Jay's boots, but he didn't quite get how to put them on correctly. 

Everyone was exhausted at the end of our Christmas brunch extravaganza. Hey, at least we were all in our jammies, so naps were pretty easy.

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