Friday, August 10, 2012

A Summer Trip to Iowa, Part IV

So, if you've been reading my posts about this trip to Iowa, at this point you're probably thinking, "Geez, how can this lady write so much about Iowa, of all places?" I have to tell you that Iowa is more exciting than you think. Or perhaps I'm just easily amused.

I spent three nights at my friend Gardenmom's house about an hour from Des Moines. For my kids, this was as cool as a week in Disneyworld. Another kid to play with, a cool doggie, and new friends to meet. . . what more could a young man want?  (Plus, my kids have never been to Disneyworld.) I didn't take too many pictures while I was there, except for the last day, when we went to a really cool beach (that's tomorrow's post). But I did take this series of pictures that perfectly encapsulates our visit. No posed shots, just an awkward, slightly out of focus blur of running children and a very furry dog. Henry is holding a spatula because that's one of the few things we found for him to play with that was not dangerous.

I spent a lot of time reminding Nick to use his inside voice, clean up his messes, and play nicely with Gardenmom's son. He's a big boy, and he taught Nick how to play some sort of Ninja game with plastic guns and plenty of espionage. Nick has been trying to play at home with Henry, but it just isn't the same.

Now Henry, on the other hand, spent the entire time trying to destroy the house, climb everything in sight, and tear the fur off of the dog. Poor doggie. Oh, and Henry is shirtless because he purposely spit milk all over his shirt.

Also, I think we must've pulled Henry off the stairs at least 37,000 times. It helped us work off the delicious peanut butter cookies that Gardenmom baked. (I swear, those cookies were so good I couldn't stop eating them.)

Nick was fascinated by the full-length mirror, apparently. That, or fascinated with himself.

Both of my boys were somewhat disappointed when we got home and they realized there was no one to play with. Our cats aren't as entertaining as a big furry dog, I guess. Nick has been complaining, "Mommy, I have no one to play with!" I tell him to play with Henry, and Nick replies, "He pulls my hair! And Henry is just a baby!" Nick has a point, there. Ah, well, he's starting preschool next week, so he'll have lots of friends to play with there.

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