Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spending a Hot Day at the Cafe N Play

Last week my friend Jackie and I wanted to get together to discuss lesson plans and other teacher-related stuff. This, we knew, would be a challenge because I have the boys all day when Greg works. We decided to meet up at the Cafe N Play in Naperville last Saturday, on a day that was 102 degrees. It was very cool inside, though.

Fun was had by all. I couldn't get any good pictures of Nick because he wouldn't stand still long enough!  At one point, there was a whole group of little kids having a party, and Nick was upset because he wasn't part of the party. Other than that, though, both boys exhausted themselves running around and playing with all the cool toys.

The thing I like about the Cafe N Play is all of the toys I don't have to pick up. They are not the same toys that we have at home, which means that Nick and Henry do not get bored easily. If it weren't for the hefty entrance fee, we'd probably be over there once a week at least.

I actually find it quite invigorating to discuss creative lesson plans and share them back and forth. I know Jackie from when we were in graduate school, and we've kept in touch ever since. She had a lot of patience with my kids, thank goodness.
After Jackie and I finished our lesson plan discussions, we headed over to Flat Top Grill for lunch. I've been there a few times this summer, ever since we figured out that kids under 4 eat free.

Nick had a great time with my friend Jackie. It is so much nicer eating out with another adult present. I've taken the kids to Flat Top Grill by myself, and while it is do-able, I much prefer the ease of being able to take one child at a time to the bathroom. Plus, it requires more hands than I have to make two bowls for stir-frying at a time.

I like this picture because it shows. . . truth. Henry is reaching for my bowl, Nick is making a face, and the table is a mess. No one sits still for long. It might not be as pretty as a posed shot, but it is emblematic of my life.


  1. Looks like fun! We will have the heat again this week. Henry looks really big next to Miss Cathy. lol

  2. We have heat too. It is no fun at all. :( Henry has been eating like a little piggie, so it's no wonder he looks big next to Jackie! LOL