Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nick Survives The Dentist

It was time. We've been saying that Nick should have his first dental visit since he turned three back in November, but we kept putting it off. I'm not fond of going to the dentist. Greg wanted to take him to his dentist, but I decided that he would go with me  to my dentist instead. Does Nick look like he wants to run away?

No, actually Nick was enthused about his trip to get his teeth counted. He even wore his alligator shirt (because the alligator is opening his mouth to show his teeth) and his alligator shoes (same toothy reason). I scheduled my appointment for the same day. I was planning on having my visit first so Nick could watch me and wouldn't be nervous. He wasn't nervous, though. He was excited, and he begged to go first.

I know, he's sitting like he is ready for another kind of exam. Aren't those shoes adorable, though? Anyhow, Nick adored the chair that went up and down. He asked if we could have one of those at home.

Nick was very appreciative of the blue bib he had to wear. He said it was just like Baby Henry's bib. The dental hygienist thought that was pretty funny. He was also fascinated by the lights and all of the tools. The hygienist actually let Nick try all of those tools. Sometimes I wish I was three. I would totally liked to have messed around with those neat-looking tools.

The good news? Nick has no cavities and 20 perfect baby teeth. The bad news? I have a small cavity in a spot that told that dentist it was from brushing too hard. I had no idea that brushing too hard can give you cavities. Ah, well. They encouraged me to buy a very expensive toothbrush from them to prevent me from brushing too hard. I told the dentist I'd think about it.

Nick got a special certificate for a mini-pizza for being such a good patient. The hygienist let him pick out a little plastic ring, too. While I was having my dental cleaning, this little boy swiped several latex gloves and fliers for expensive toothbrushes. He also figured out how to operate the sink with the foot pedal.

I think one of the reasons Nick loved going to the dentist so much is because Henry didn't get to go with. He told the dentist, "Baby Henry can't go to the dentist because he only has three teeth!" Yup. Getting to do something special with mommy that his brother can't do is the highlight of Nick's day.

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