Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Smoothies and Puzzles at Breakfast

I love summertime mornings. Greg lets me sleep in, and I get to enjoy leisurely morning time with the boys when I do wake up. Since I bought my new Ninja blender, I've been making smoothies probably every third day. My favorite so far is a strawberry pineapple smoothie with plain greek yogurt, ground flax seed, and a bit of milk.

Henry drinks his out of a full-size cup. He will accept nothing less, and drinks the whole thing down with gusto. He even grunts and points and stomps his little feet while I'm blending the smoothies. Look at that grin!

Nick and I have been doing puzzles in the mornings, as well. He is moving towards more and more advanced puzzles, and his patience is increasing somewhat.

I think Nick also likes that puzzles are something that Henry cannot use. Puzzle time is just Nick and me together.

The boys always like to sit right next to the dishwasher, on the floor, while they drink their smoothies. I'm not sure why, but they sit in the same places everytime I take out the blender. I only have a few short weeks of these wonderful mornings with my boys before school starts back up again. I think I'll make smoothies again tomorrow. I need to enjoy these mornings while I can.

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