Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Conversations with Nicholas: A Trip to the Bank

Last night while the boys were playing cars, Nick kept running past me. I asked where he was going. “To the bank!” he said. He was pretending to drive around and then he stopped and peeked over the arm of the couch, talking to an imaginary person and holding an orange cylindrical block. He made whooshing sounds and held up the block towards the ceiling. 

Here’s what I heard, in a rather loud but clearly polite voice:
“Hello. I need a checking deposit slip, please. Oh, and do you have any lollipops?” and then, a few seconds later, “Thank you very much!” Then, in another, higher voice. "Have a great day!" 

The reason this is hilarious is because it was said in exactly the same tone as my husband uses when speaking in drive-through windows. I’m pretty sure Nick is quoting him exactly. I believe the cylindrical block is meant to represent the tube used to send over the checks. 

Greg is a therapist and often gets copay checks from clients, so he goes through the window at the bank several times per week. Nick has obviously picked up on the "script" for such interactions.

Here's my conversation with Nick about what he was doing:

Mommy: So Nick, why does Daddy go to the bank?
Nick: We went to the other bank.
Mommy: Why?
Nick: Because that's where daddy can go to get his check done. 
And he gets a lollipop for me. And I like it. 
Mommy: Do you think you will go to the bank someday?
Nick: Yeah. This is the bank. 
Mommy: How do you get the lollipops?
Nick: It goes in a big hole. And then Daddy opens it out of the hole. And then I can eat it. Inside there is people inside there. They work. And Whoosh! They take the lollipop and it goes WAY up in the sky. 

. . . and this has been, Conversations with Nicholas.

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