Monday, May 21, 2012

I had a hot date tonight. . .

. . . with not one but two handsome gentlemen. The hostess told me how lucky I was to have two smiling young men escorting me to my evening dinner.

I took them out to play after school and before we knew it, we were hungry and it was too late to go home for dinner. Plus, I had a taste for bread sticks. This bread stick craving apparently runs in the family.

We went to the Olive Garden. Did you know they pour wine samples there? I can't ever have a whole glass, but they poured me a nice sample of Rosato for free. Best of all, I only had to buy one dinner. The portions were so huge I fed all three of us and brought a bag home just from one dinner. The boys were surprisingly well-behaved. Henry ate everything he could get his baby hands on--especially the asparagus. I thought it was overdone, but he ate all of it!

This probably won't be my last date with these two adorable guys.  :)

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