Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Stay-at-Home Daddy

My husband is a very brave man. He might lock every door in the house (even our bedroom door) at night, turn the weather channel on every time there's thunder (just in case a tornado is headed our way), and refuse to drive over the speed limit, but the man has some serious cojones.

A few months ago, Greg became a full-time daddy. Our daycare costs became so prohibitive that one of us had to make a change. Since Greg had been pondering going into private practice for some time, he decided to leave his full-time supervisor position for a part-time therapist's position. 

So now what does Greg do with his days? He takes two boys to the Arboretum and the Zoo. He pushes a stroller. He changes diapers (one day I believe he had seven poopy diapers--eek!) and prepares bottles. He gives time-outs (pretty often, actually) and hugs (even more often).

From what I hear, Greg struggles with time management (don't we all), discipline, and the stress that comes from two children needing completely different things, both at the same time. He isn't very good at multi-tasking, but he's still managed to handle both kids with aplomb.

Taking two kids to the zoo by himself? That's bravery right there.

I have to admit, sometimes I'm a little jealous of all the time Greg gets to spend with the boys. A part of me feels sad when I go off to work even though I love my jobs and am really invested in my career. I missed Henry's first steps (though he hasn't repeated them since) and Nick is turning into more of a person everyday. I feel a little twinge sometimes when the boys want Daddy instead of Mommy.  I really like our new arrangement, though.

I know that the boys are getting the best care possible. I probably have more patience in the evenings because I haven't been dealing with them all day. Plus, Greg cooks dinner regularly, so we're all eating a little more gourmet.

I think Greg is adjusting well. He likes to read art books with Nick, and play peek-a-boo with Henry. He even takes the kids grocery shopping with him. Three days per week, in the parking lot of my school, right at four o'clock, we trade places. Greg heads off to work, and I take over for the evening.

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