Friday, May 18, 2012

Impromptu Picnic

I love spring weather. Lately Nick and Henry and I have been spending our evenings outside. I spend a lot of time stopping Henry from eating wood chips, but the fresh air is good for all of us. Sometimes we even eat outside.

The nice part about eating outside is the easy clean up. For this meal, we ate leftover ravioli, which can be truly messy when eaten inside. A picnic made this dinner delightful. I just picked up the blanket and shook it out, then hosed off the kids. No mess, one plate for clean-up, and two happy children.

Henry loves having his freedom. Though he adores eating, the high chair is pretty restrictive for him. I am impressed with how far he can crawl in just a few seconds.

I worry whenever I put Henry in shorts, because his little knees get so red. Often I just give in and put him in pants so he can explore without harming those adorable baby knees. During our picnic, Henry especially liked being able to eat while crawling around and stealing food from our plates. Bread is currently his favorite thing to steal.

Nick has been wanting to "help" with yard work during the last few weeks. Using his special little-kid scissors, he trims the grass by hand.

What a helper!

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