Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our First Family Outing

Last Thursday, we decided to go out as a family, just one week after Henry was born. We've been nervous about going out with two kids, and decided it was better to just try it and see what happened. We went out for Italian food and then to a really cool kids playhouse called Kiddie Klub Lane, in Lombard.

Actually, it wasn't too bad. We held dessert over Nick's head so that he would sit down and not scream. It worked fairly well. Henry, of course, was extremely well behaved. I just put him into the baby sling and he slept through our lunch. He did wake up when I dropped bread crumbs on his head, though.

After lunch, we took the boys to Kiddie Klub Lane, which is a little storefront place with playhouses for kids. There's a little firehouse, a gas station, a newsstand, a diner, a theatre, etc. For adults, there are tables with magazines in the center, so you can sit and relax while watching your kid play. I'm definitely going to be returning, because Nick cannot escape.

I thought the concept for the place was really neat. After all, in bad weather, where can you take a little kid to play? Plus, you don't feel guilty sitting down with a magazine, because you have a perfect view of your child the entire time.

I thought Kiddie Klub Lane was very clean (for a place with toddlers running around). That's because all of the kids have to wear socks and take off their shoes. The toys were quite creative too, and the kids could dress up and play different roles. Nick loved the fire truck and all of the toys with wheels. He also liked pretending to cook.

We all took turns playing with Nick and watching Henry. In another year or so, I'm sure Henry will love playing with all of the toys, too. For now, he's mostly interested in his bottle. That and being held. Isn't -Henry's onesie cute? I didn't even know that they made baby "wife beater" tank tops. They were a gift from one of my co-workers, and I think they're just adorable. They make me giggle every time I put one on.

Nick literally had to be carried out of this place kicking and screaming.

Our first outing as a family turned out pretty well, especially for Nick, who had a ball. He fell asleep in the car (thank goodness) and napped the whole way home.

Maybe we can handle this whole "having two kids" thing, after all.  ; )

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  1. It really doesn't count when you take 'Grandma'...lol. You have more adults than kids. Now do it with just you and Greg. LOL.