Monday, June 6, 2011

Nick's Last Hurrah at Choo Choo Johnny's

His last hurrah as an only child, that is. On Saturday, I took Nick out for a Mommy and Me kind of day. I had errands to run, but I purposely picked places to go that I knew he would enjoy. We ate our lunch at Choo Choo Johnny's, a train-themed restaurant on the south side of Naperville.

I pass this restaurant everyday on my way to and from work, but we've never tried it. Nick was literally jumping up and down with joy when we went inside. "I see trains!" he said. Yup. In fact, a train actually delivered our food! Nick's eyes got really big when the train came, bearing a hot dog and fries for him. That's like every little man's dream!

While I cannot say much about the food other than to describe it as your typical hamburger joint-type fare, Nick has never enjoyed a meal so much. the picture below is out of focus, but it perfectly expresses Nick's state of mind.

We enjoyed our meal and then Nick got to play with the train table and some of the games. This place takes the train theme really far--the employees all wear conductor's uniforms, train-themed music plays, and a train goes around the ceiling.

This day was all about Nick, and I know he had a blast.

Besides our trian-themed lunch, we also went to garage sales looking for clothes and toys, visited Costco for some samples (Nick loves their samples), and went to the PetSmart to see the birdies and fishies.

We got a surprise when they had an adoption event. Nick wanted to take some kitties home with us, but I told him we had enough cats. We have 3, but they don't play with him like these kittens did. They actually enjoyed his attentions!




  1. My kids would love that restaurant!

  2. Any kids would love that restaurant! It's awesome. However, the food. . . not so much. Sigh.