Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Highlights of Nick's Week

Nick had a very busy week, and some parts of the week were much better (from his point of view and/or mine) than others. Last Sunday was Easter, and my sister took some amazing pictures that she hasn't emailed me yet. So, I'll start with last Monday.

Monday--Nick enjoyed playing with the amazing things his mommy found for him on over the weekend. For an obscenely low price, I got him three used but cool things. First, a ride on zebra toy that bounces, spins, and plays music. It has toys on it that make even more cool noises. My child was duly impressed. I also got him the shelf you can see in the background (it has animals on it.) It's great because he can get to the books and put them away by himself. Finally, because the lady had them and they were cheap, I bought him a large container of wooden blocks, which you can see him holding in his hands. He promptly used them to whack me in the head.

Tuesday--Nick went offroading in the backyard with his little ride on firetruck. He loves it, despite (or because of) the fact that it plays the most annoying song. (I see a firetruck, a big red shiny firetruck. . .) It was very windy and his favorite giant bouncy ball blew away.  : (

Wednesday--Nick wears the cutest pajamas ever. Check out the front. They say, "Give me a bear hug." I love the way baby pajamas look. They just make me want to snuggle him. The little curl on the back of his head is the best part. As he's getting older, Nick wants hugs and snuggles more often now, and he even tries to give kisses on the cheek. They are, however, open mouthed drooly kisses.

Thursday--No pictures, but I took Nick out for dinner and to a cultural fair at my school. We went to Mimi's Cafe, a nice family place near 95th Street. I had been bragging to my friends about how well-behaved Nick is in restaurants, so of course he screamed, threw food, and acted like a toddler. I think the reason was that halfway through the meal, he told me "All done," and gave me the sign for done. Of course, I couldn't take him out of the highchair, so he was really ticked off. I left that waitress a really good tip.

The cultural fair was awesome. Nick got to see dances and costumes and try foods from Mexico, China, India, Germany, and Egypt. He whacked some kid over the head with a German flag, ate lots of fried veggies from the Indian table, ran around the gym hollering, and tried to eat the fortune from inside his fortune cookie.

Friday--We admired the new spring flowers, and Nick tried to eat a ladybug. I saved the bug. The tulips look great this year. Can you see my peonies coming up? The peony is such a crazy flower. I am somewhat ambivalent about the peony. It shoots up in just a few weeks, puts out these amazingly beautiful flowers for about two days, then it rains and the flowers fall over and disintegrate when it rains. Finally, you're left with a random green bushy plant for the rest of the season. There are three peony plants lining my front walk, and they were there when we moved in in 2006. I love them for those two days, though, before the flowers disintegrate.

Not a bad week, all things considered. I love the way spring makes me feel--hopeful, relaxed, and confident that everything will be okay in about 8 weeks. Sunshine is very good thing.


  1. haha....i'm sorry, i'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you. Ben went through a stage at around 2...where I couldn't take him anywhere. He had a 10 min shelf life in a restaurant, and then he was DONE. He would throw anything he could get his hands on. I really didn't know what to do with him. If children stayed that way, none of them would live past 3. looks like fun. My son has discovered some boys in the neighborhood, and now I hardly see him. He runs like a wild creature in a pack, I hear him howling and running past at high speeds. That's about it except for mealtimes.

  2. I'm not going to give up, though. I will keep taking Nick to restaurants, and out in public. Sigh. I hope this stage is over quickly. Today he had a toddler meltdown because I wouldn't let him play with my bypass pruners. I am such a mean mom.