Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas #2 (At Grandpa Ray and Grandma Linda's House)

On the second day of Christmas. . . we went to my mom and stepdad's house for dinner and presents. This was on Christmas Eve. My grandmother was there, and my sister (who took all of these pictures) and stepbrother, too. Nick got to stay up past his bedtime and eat gingerbread cookies and play with Tigger (the dog). He was very happy, even before the presents started. I'm constantly amazed at how well he sits and listens to books. Each time he received a new book, he wanted me to read it to him. He likes to turn the pages and point to things in the stories. Sometimes if he likes a book he'll bring it back to me again and again.
The photo below has a hilarious backstory. On Christmas Eve, I was trying desperately to wrap presents and get everything wrapped and packed up. Nick was tearing paper and moving htings around and generally causing mayhem. I noticed a couple of times he put stuff into boxes as I was wrapping them, but I caught him in time, or so I thought. I didn't even notice, but he must've put a cat toy (the little ball) into my grandma's gift bag. She opened her gift and looked at the ball, confused. "What is this?," she asked. Nick saw the ball (and heard it, too, because it has a bell) and came right over to claim it. He likes to put things into bags and baskets, and thus the "extra" gift. Later, my mom found a random pen dumped into her gift bag. It must've been the one I thought I lost while I was filling out gift tags.

Obviously my grandma wasn't too upset about the incident. Nick got a nice cuddle and a cup of milk for making us all laugh. My grandma loves sitting with him in the rocking chair. He knows a good lap when he sees it.

Oh, Nick started talking last week. His first real word? Tree. He's been saying Daddy for ages, but not necessarily to Greg. He says it to me, to the cats, etc. He does know what a tree is. Every time he walks into a room with a Christmas tree, he points and announces, "Tree!" Then he waits for everyone to clap. Finally, if he can, he'll go and try to tear things off of the tree, as you can see him doing below. I do have some video of him talking, and I'll try to post it tomorrow.

Greg was in a kind of a silly mood. Not sure why the orange was on his head. My mom puts oranges in our stockings each year. And yes, I still get a stocking, even though I'm 31. She even made one for Greg last year after we were married. I guess Santa never stops coming as long as you believe. It was a nice Christmas--Greg got this cool Cooking Light cookbook and I got some really nice watches and jewelry. But Nick made out like a bandit. I think after the whole 4 Christmases thing, he was probably wondering "When do I get to open more presents?" He didn't understand much about them on his birthday, but he sure understands gifts now!
My mom has been knitting hats again, and she made this adorable one for Nick. I wish I could get him to keep a hat on for more than three seconds. It really is cute and very soft. Nick's Grandma Linda found this string of jingle bells and Nick loved the sound they made. Unfortunately, he also tangled them into a hopeless knot.
you can see Nick clapping for himself after proclaiming, "Tree!" If no one claps for his heroic deeds, you see, he feels obliged to give himself a round of applause. Can you guess he's the first grandchild?

After this, we went to my mother-in-laws to spend the night. It was a busy day, but Nick sure enjoyed himself.