Saturday, May 2, 2015

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Ahh, spring is finally here. This weekend, it was time for the Go Fly a Kite Festival in Wheaton. We've been before, in 2012 and 2014, but this year my mom joined us for the kite flying fun.

Nick and his grandma, flying his tie-dyed kite. Oh, and a Henry photobomb. 

The weather today was gorgeous--so nice and sunny, in fact, that I ended up with a rather unattractive sunburn. Ahh, well. The fresh air and warm wind was worth it. 

Henry chose a kitty cat kite. He liked it at first, then the unraveling string scared him and it took him a bit to get back in the game. 

Henry and I had lots of nonsensical conversations about his kitty kite "chasing" a bird kite and running from a dog kite. 

Nick just wanted his kite to go higher and higher. We all got a kick out of this octopus kite, which was actually quite huge. It was being flown from behind the pavillion, so it was a giant.

Can you still see the slight tinge of pink in Henry's hair? 

The kites flew pretty well at this park; there was plenty of wind. However, there was some major frustration this evening when we tried to replicate the easy flying in our side yard. I think we'll have to try again in a nice big park without so many trees. 

In addition to flying our own kites, we got to watch the experts fly in several kite ballets. I have no idea how they don't get their lines tangled. 

The naps after this event were long, proving that running around with kites is good exercise. I'm hoping for more gorgeous weather in our spring weekends to come. 


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