Saturday, May 23, 2015

Countdown to Summer

Well, it's coming. Summer, that is. I for one, am ready, though my school year goes until the second week of June. (Thank you, cold weather days.) The boys will be done after next week, though.

Don't they look ready for summer?

We spent much of the day today outside. In Illinois, we only get maybe 10 days each year when it is sunny and in the 70s. We wanted to take full advantage!

Yes, Henry is lying in the background, pretending to be asleep.

Nick was using the snow shovel to kill dandelions. He had the shovel in his hand for maybe 2 minutes before he accidentally walloped Henry and gave him a scratch on the cheek. Sigh.

I'm rather proud of this peony picture. 

The peonies in front of our house are another sign of summer approaching. Every year, they bloom right around the end of school and the beginning of summer. They're looking really ready now.

I had the boys at my school the other day as I was doing some work in the school garden. Sadly, the cold weather and a rather evil bunny rabbit have wreaked havoc on our plantings. I can see him out my classroom window, chomping happily away on the carefully raised leaves.  Henry drew me this sun on the board, though, which cheered me up somewhat.

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