Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cousins Playing Together

A few weeks ago, Henry and Nick got some time to play with their cousin Sophie. They were very, very excited. She was a little more dubious.

She loved watching the boys, but you can almost see her thinking, "Why is that kid playing with my toys?"

It's amazing how put-together Sophie always looks. When my sons were that age, they always had food smashed in their hair, drool down their shirts, snot everywhere, and dingy random stains on their pants from crawling around. Not Sophie.

Button-down cardigan? Check. Pants with no wrinkles? Check. Sophie is ready for the baby runway. Nick? Not so much.

Nick loves holding her, and he's pretty gentle. My niece has actually given me the perfect way to make Nick and Henry stop calling everyone and everything a "baby." I told them that they were NOT allowed to use the word baby unless an actual baby was around. "Like Sophie?," Nick asked. "Yup," I said, "and Sophie's feelings would be hurt if she knew you were calling others babies."  So far it has worked. I think they believe that every time they call one another "baby" as an insult, Sophie cries.

We tried Nick's penguin hat on Sophie, and she tolerated it for four seconds.

I hope the cousins have more time to play together as they grow. Nick and Henry talked about playing with baby Sophie for days-they were so excited.

Have a great week!

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