Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wisconsin Dells Vacation August 2014: Lost Canyon Tours

Even though we were staying in a water park resort, we didn't want to spend the entire trip in the water. Each day, we went out sightseeing. On our first full day, we decided to start with Lost Canyon Tours. Basically, this was a horse and wagon tour of the canyon and woods.

I found this tour to be relaxing and scenic, though I wish it would've lasted longer. I stressed myself out quite a bit on this trip, trying to plan everything and find activities everyone would like. The horses seemed very used to people, and didn't even mind the boys touching them. (Yes, they asked permission first.)

Henry asked me about the "horsie feet," so I told him all about hooves and horse shoes. 

The boys got to meet our horses beforehand, and they even rubbed their soft noses. Then we got on board for the the wagon ride.

I think Greg was glad we weren't riding the horses this time

Most of my pictures include the horses' rear ends, of course, but this part of Wisconsin is quite pretty, once you get off of the touristy roads.

I thought it was neat how close our wagon came to the walls of the canyon.  I wouldn't want to drive through here--it'd be worse than parallel parking!

I love the way the sun shines through the trees in this spot. I was also amazed by how the trees actually grew their roots sideways into the porous rock walls.

Greg and I stood by the wishbone tree for a quick picture near the gift shop.

The weather was actually quite nice for most of our trip, though it was on the cooler side for August.

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