Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wisconsin Dells Vacation August 2014: Lunch in Madison

On our way to Wisconsin Dells for our family vacation, we stopped in Madison for lunch. Greg and I both like Madison, and we've found some really good restaurants there in the past.

Can you tell Henry was ready to start our vacation?

On this day, we stopped at a place called Graze for brunch. I like to use my Yelp app to find restaurants, and I trust the ratings to find really yummy places. You can see my review of Graze here.

We had a hard time finding parking, and we figured out finally that this restaurant is right across the street from the capitol building. How cool is that?

Nick is making a Greg expression here. Doesn't he look like his daddy?

I ordered beignets, which are these little french donuts. You could just call them divine, or amazing, or just yum. Henry was mad that I didn't order more. Honestly, I was, too.

We had a delicious lunch, and I ate some of the best kielbasa I've ever had. We all liked the food, though Nick and Henry really just wanted us to leave so that we could get to the water park faster.

Do you see the cool chalkboards in the back? If I lived closer to Madison, I think we'd want to visit this place often. The food was worth the extra drive off of the expressway.

After lunch, we walked around for just a bit before getting into the car to head to Wisconsin Dells.

Madison is a very picturesque town, and I think I would've liked going to college here. It seems like a very walkable town with lots to see and do.  The picture below was taken right outside Graze.

Some of the streets were blocked off, and we figured out why as we were leaving.

The Gay Pride Parade was going to start in a few hours. Too bad we had a schedule to keep--I've never been to a pride parade and I think it would've been really cool.

This is, of course, just one of many posts about our vacation. I'll write more later, this time about the water parks.   :)

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