Monday, March 10, 2014

Some Wise and Rather Deep Thoughts from Nicholas

Yes, Nick is wearing my hat. I thought he rather looked like a swami, and therefore very wise. The penguin he's gripping is for inspiration, apparently. 

Lately, Nick has been saying some interesting and rather profound things, and I have been writing them down so I don't forget them. Let me give you two examples:

(Tonight, on the way home) Nick: Mommy, now that it is summer time we won't have to go to school! 

Me: Sorry, hon. It is still winter. Spring will come soon, and then summer. But it'll be awhile. 

Nick: Winter is over! I don't need my gloves anymore. It is summer! 

Me: Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is supposed to snow again tomorrow. 

Nick: They should do something about that. Like find a way to get the clouds to stop making snow on our planet. 

Me: How would "they" do that? 

Nick: A machine. Or we could spin to the warm part. Or go to another planet with better clouds. 

Me: (speechless with laughter for quite awhile) Sorry Nick. I think we're stuck on this planet. 

Nick: Aww, geez. 


(When I picked the kids up from our babysitter) Nick: Mommy, when we go home we need to eat dinner. 

Me: Nicholas! I know you had dinner here. It is after 7:00 at night. (I also know for a fact that they ate a rather large dinner.)

Nick: Nope. We only had lunch. It was light outside so it was lunch. We are so hungry and no one gave us dinner. It is dark now and I am hungry. 

Me: Just because it is light outside doesn't mean it isn't dinner.

Nick: Yes it does. What can I have for dinner? Henry is hungry, too. 

Henry: I am hungry! I want to eat dinner!

Me: (sighing) I suppose we can have a snack when we get home. But the meal you ate with Daddy was lunch, and the meal you ate here was dinner. 

Nick: Nope. That was lunch. 

And thus, 4th meal was born in our household. . . because I wanted a snack, too. 

Yes, that is Henry's hand getting ready to hit Nick with an old balloon. You can also see my laptop screen, open to Facebook when I was supposed to be writing a paper. I am easily distracted. 

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