Thursday, March 20, 2014

Downtown Naperville with Aunt Sarah and Grandma Toni

A few weeks ago, Aunt Sarah came down to see the boys and check out some of our baby equipment. She is going to be giving Nick and Henry a little cousin this summer, and everyone is very excited. Every time Grandma Toni talks to Aunt Sarah, Nick asks if the baby is here yet. We have to tell him, no, not until summertime.

We went out for lunch at Flat Top Grill and then headed over to Sugar Monkey Cupcakes. You see, I wanted Sarah to try the cupcakes we'd like to use for her baby shower. The ones we tried were pretty darned delicious. Nick and Henry insisted on trying a bite immediately. (We had promised them a treat for good restaurant behavior, so we owed them.)

Henry will smile on command if cupcakes are his reward. 

I love the mosaic tables in this cupcake shop. Nick just loved his cupcake.  :)

Nick has never had a problem smiling if bribery is involved. 

I'm looking forward to warmer weather so we can enjoy all the outdoor places we love in the area. Nick and Henry wanted to pose with "this nice lady," even though it was quite chilly that day.

The "nice lady" is the statue, by the way, though Grandma Toni is always nice, too. 

When we got back home, it was time to dig through the plethora of baby stuff that is clogging up our basement. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jay are having a little girl, but most of the stuff we have is gender-neutral, so hopefully they'll be able to use some of it.

Yes, that's my hat. Nick likes it and has borrowed it several times. This picture was snapped right before Henry hit him in the head with that balloon.

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