Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gingerbread Cookies and Creative Architecture

I know, it is March.Clearly not gingerbread season. But we were out of chocolate chips (thanks to my husband) and I had promised the boys we'd make cookies if they took good naps.

I always deliver on my rewards, and therefore gingerbread was Nick's choice. I let them choose cookie cutters, and we ended up with an octopus, a dinosaur, and an airplane.

Should I mention that we were out of every color sprinkles but purple. Ahh, well. 

Henry's favorite thing about making gingerbread cookies is that there are no eggs in the dough. That means it isn't dangerous for him to eat the dough. He is two years old and already knows this. . . and takes full advantage. 

"As soon as you're not looking, I'm totally going to eat some dough." 

Nicholas waited until we were done sprinkling, then licked all of the sprinkles from his hands. Sigh. Not a bad way to share a snowy Saturday afternoon. 

After cookies, we worked on architectural projects. Henry loves for me to build with him, and here's what we came up with together. I need to buy more wooden blocks--we keep running out and the boys love to build entire cities. 

Nick helped with the building but absolutely refused to be photographed. That's his prerogative, I suppose. Henry is getting better at waiting until our towers are complete to kick them down. That is a reason for celebration. 

I'm really hoping there will be some upcoming Saturdays I can take the boys to do something fun, but it seems that every Saturday recently, we've had a snowstorm. I'm ready for springtime to come, anytime soon!

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