Friday, November 8, 2013

Mooning Over the Moon

The boys, Henry especially, have been fascinated by the moon lately. I think it is because Henry faces backwards in his carseat and can look out the window at the moon. He asks all kinds of questions, and if it is a cloudy day, he wants me to check and see where it is hiding.

Henry likes to watch educational videos on the moon phases, and anything round that he sees, he has to tell us it is "like a moon." Perhaps he'll be an astronomer someday.

We have a book about the trip to the moon, and I've read this book both Nick and Henry countless times.

I suppose every kid goes through phases (get it, phases) of fascination like this one, and I'm happy that I have materials to support his obsession. I even bought the boys a "Moon in Your Room," which is a night light that has a remote control to show the moon phases.

Lately I've been having the boys come to my classroom every Friday while I try to get organized for the week ahead, and today I brought out the moon books and videos for them. They had a snack of oyster crackers, which Henry kept calling "little moons." 

I feel like if I stay late on Friday nights, the boys get a chance to hang out where I work, and I always have plenty for them to do. Give two boys a box of dry erase markers and a blank board, and they will create a. . . well, they'll create something, that's for sure. The more work I can get done in my classroom, the less work I have to try to get accomplished over the weekend, so everybody wins.

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