Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Fifth Birthday, Nicholas!

Today Nick turned five, and his birthday party was today as well. Having a party is exhausting, so I will post some more pictures later this week.

Nicholas was a little unnerved by the fire on top of his cupcake. 

For today, just like last year, I wanted to write a letter for him to read one day. This letter is for Nicholas, but you are welcome to read it as well. I just read my letter to Nick from last year, and I smiled as I remembered the little boy he was and the little boy he is becoming.

Dear Nicholas,

When you woke up this morning, you immediately found your birthday hat from preschool and insisted on wearing it. You were so proud to bring in treat bags for your class last Friday and tell everyone that you were turning five. I can hardly believe it myself. It seems like just yesterday we were taking you home from the hospital, so small that you barely met the weight requirement for your carseat.

We have such interesting conversations lately. Every single question leads to another question, and your favorite word is "Why?" When we went to the grocery store last week, you noticed the emergency trunk release on my car and wanted to know all about it. When I told you it was for in case you get locked in the trunk, you immediately wanted to know why Marty (in the Back to the Future movie) didn't use the emergency release. I had to explain that in 1955, they didn't have trunk releases, and you wanted to know why. You are persistent and stubborn when you want to know something. This conversation about trunks went on for at least a half-hour. I feel like your inquisitiveness helps to increase my patience, and makes me a better person.

Though this year has been challenging for us, we've learned a lot about your Sensory Processing Disorder and how to help you deal with it. I'm proud of how you use a picture schedule on the ipad to stay focused and ask us for a big hug to help keep you regulated. Though you're still not potty-trained, your teacher says you are learning well and participating in class. I was so proud when Miss Patty told us that you already know your letters, colors, and numbers. Your skills are nearly ready for kindergarten, and you and I have been working together on reading and writing together in the evenings, after Henry goes to bed. You open your mouth when you are concentrating hard on something, and sometimes you even stick out your tongue.

You can read about thirty words from word families now, and use your phonics skills to sound out other words, when you are in the mood. The other day we were working on reading your word list of "ot" words, and you correctly read "hot, tot, rot, pot, dot and sot." You asked, "Mommy, what is a sot?" I replied that it is someone who drinks too much wine, and without missing a beat, you immediately turned to your daddy, who was drinking his usual large glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. "Daddy, you are a sot!" you announced, giggling. (I explained, of course, that Daddy only drinks one glass of wine. It was still pretty funny, though.)

Lately you like me to read Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss. You also love books about science, transportation, and Star Wars. Your favorite color is green, and you chose a train theme for your birthday party after our train ride in North Carolina this summer. You love to sing and dance, and in the last few weeks you've danced to the "What Does The Fox Say" song no fewer than forty times. I'm working on teaching you to be helpful, and I love that I can get you to help bring in groceries or pick up wrapping paper from the floor. Yesterday you opened the door for your Auntie Mandy and I like a little gentleman.

You play more with your brother Henry this year, and though you fight with him a lot, you will defend him even when he's done something naughty. I think you understand Henry's speech better than any of us, and you'll often tell us what he's trying to say. You are a very good big brother, despite the constant bruises on both of you. Tonight you were running around the house playing laser tag with Henry, ducking and shooting and shrieking with joy. Then, Daddy and I found you two snuggled up in bed together, well after lights-out.

I feel like time is moving quickly, and I don't want to forget these times with you. I love you very much, and I hope your sixth year of life is full of fun, learning, and perhaps a little more obedience.


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