Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthday Planning with Auntie Mandy

This post is about last Saturday, when Auntie Mandy met us at the Hobby Lobby and for lunch to celebrate Nick's birthday.

This is the picture I texted Auntie Mandy to let her know we were excited and waiting for her.

This post is longer than I had intended, but I wrote most of it when I was really sick on Wednesday and needed something to keep my mind off of my stomach. I was sitting in my bed typing this because the boys were eating dinner and even the smell of food made me nauseous.Anyhow, shall we start with the cart? Henry wanted to sit in the big boy section of the cart, and he didn't even mind when we piled up our coats and purses on top of him.

Our goal at the Hobby Lobby was to pick out some sort of decoration for Nick's Birthday Party on Sunday. Auntie Mandy is very creative, so she joined us. However, walking into a Hobby Lobby with Auntie Mandy means that she will leave with a cart full of really cool stuff. Like this DeLorean that Auntie Mandy had to get and Henry wouldn't let go of for our entire shopping trip.

I'm not sure why Henry kept his face on the box. Nick was interested in the DeLorean, too, but we told him it wasn't a real time machine. I'm not sure about why he's so keen on visiting 1955. From what I have heard, Nick wouldn't like it much there. Ahh well, to each his own .

Auntie Mandy helped us pick out some train stencils, stamps, and paint. Later that night, we made our own train decorations for the party, for only a few dollars. I think I like the handmade and child-colored decorations better than store-bought ones.

Nick was proud of the trains he painted. "I made that one and that one!" he announced.

Both Nick and Henry painted the trains that we hung around our house as decorations. I think they turned out pretty well, considering I only supervised the proceedings.

Henry was so excited to paint with big-boy paints. They were acrylic, so there wasn't too much mess.

Well, I guess it depends on how you define a mess. . . 

Let's just say I was able to clean up the mess within about 20 minutes. Not too shabby.

After purchasing our art supplies and decorations, we headed to Flat Top Grill for lunch. The boys love eating there because they get to pick what goes in the stir fry. Auntie Mandy introduced them to the joys of edamame. 

I am constantly surprised at how much food my little boys can eat.

Henry is making that face because he kept trying to eat the pods from the edamame.

They had noodles with all kinds of veggies. I always let them try whatever they want because it's all healthy food, relatively speaking. The boys had noodles with plum sauce, little tiny corn cobs, broccoli, green beans, peppers, mushrooms, and whitefish (tilapia, I think).  It wasn't at all what I would've chosen, but they seemed to love it.

I love stir fry. Perhaps I'll try to eat my leftovers later, if I can keep food down.

After a very hearty lunch, it was time for presents. Auntie Mandy had to work on Sunday, so she couldn't be there for Nick's party. Instead, we had present time in the minivan. For Nick this was especially exciting because Auntie Mandy brought his first birthday presents of the year.

Plus, Auntie Mandy brought a HUGE bag. That means only good things for a little boy.

Auntie Mandy went with a Lego theme, which was very popular with Nick. He loves playing with Legos. His first gift was a Lego Advent Calendar. Now, my family isn't religious at all, but I see nothing wrong with counting down to Christmas with a Lego present for each day in December. Nick thought it was a great idea.

Nick later pointed out that the age says "5-12," and he is now 5. Hurray!

Auntie Mandy didn't stop there. Oh, no, she also got Nick a super-cool Lego firetruck and airplane. Nick was concerned about why both of the firemen had beards.

I think he views a beard as an issue, like a broken arm or a pimple. I'm not sure why. We told him he could grow a beard one day, if he liked, and he was shocked and appalled.

Greg told Nick he'll probably have a heavy beard and lots of hair like his Grandpa Mike. That's because Nick already has more hair on his back than Greg does, and Greg is a practically hairless variety of male. I'm guessing Nick will try a mustache or beard at least once in his life, regardless of what he says now.

Nick asks lots of questions. Auntie Mandy is pretty creative at coming up with answers, even if firefighting is NOT her area of expertise. Though I suppose she'd know more about it than I, since she's in charge of the kitchens and ovens at Panera.

Nick adored his new toys. I let him stay up a little late that night to put together part of his firetruck. He is getting so much better at following the directions. I also do have a bin of Legos for free play, and Henry and Nick play with those together. For the kits like this, though, we can't have Henry around or it will be a Lego free-for-all. Check out Nick following the directions. I've noticed how he always opens his mouth when he's concentrating really hard on something. I find it cute, but then again, I'm his mommy.

Nick even wore his firetruck pajamas in honor of putting together his firetruck. Last Saturday was a good day, but man, was I tired at the end of it.

If he looks a little crazed, it is because he is up an hour after his bedtime on the day before his birthday.

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