Saturday, October 5, 2013

Story Time and a Poorly Written Lullaby

No matter how busy or tired I am, my boys almost never miss story time. I read between 1 and 5 books to them each night. I've been known to skip sections or even pages, and once in awhile I fall asleep in the middle of a book. But always, we read.

Note: I take off makeup as soon as I get home. I am not sick. This is simply what I look like without makeup. 

Tonight it was a book about astronauts. I had originally bought this book as part of a set for my classroom, but Nick has commandeered the books for his own personal reading pleasure. I'm going to have to steal them back before I get to the space unit in my lesson plans.

I asked them to make a silly face for this picture, and this is what I got. Henry had fun pointing out the moon and the Earth in the picture, while Nick wanted me to explain gravity and eating in space in more detail than the text. Then he wanted to know (I'm not sure how this connects) whether a spaceship would go back in time like Doc Brown in Back to the Future III if it were struck by lightning.

Tonight, due to a skipped nap and some nasty diaper rash, Henry screamed on and off for roughly three hours. By the time I put him to bed, I was exhausted. I snuggled up with him on the futon and stroked his back while making up a lullaby that wasn't strictly complimentary to my beautiful son. It went something like this:

Go to sleep, go to sleep, would you please just pass out now
Mommy's tired, no more screaming, please just rest your little voice.

Had no nap, butt is sore, Mommy gets that you're angry,
No more screaming, please be calm, please, oh please just go to sleep.

Mommy's got, a headache, even worse than your butt ache,
No more screaming, please be quiet, Mommy loves you go to sleep.

Crabby boy, sore buttocks, but yelling won't help you,
What will help, your sore ass, is to just go to sleep. . .

I sang and rubbed his back for probably 30 minutes before he finally settled down. Now? I'm ready for a glass of wine. Thank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow. I think my eardrums were damaged this evening by little Henry.

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