Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Oil Painting Lesson From Daddy

Over the weekend, Greg was painting and the boys wanted to try. I went upstairs to see him getting them set up with a canvas. I gently suggested that perhaps oil wasn't the best medium for very young children, but they were adamant. They were also extremely excited.

While the technique left something to be desired, their enthusiasm was evident. Greg was able to teach them how to hold the brush and blend the paint, though they used quit a bit more paint than was necessary.

They were going for an abstract piece.

Henry was grinning as he globbed as much paint as possible onto the canvas. 

Greg is very interested in art of all kinds, so its kind of neat to see the boys taking such an interest in this hobby.

Needless to say, bathtime was a must after this oil painting experience. I suggested tempera paint for next time, since the kids won't know the difference and oil paint is so difficult to clean.

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