Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

Tonight was pumpkin carving night, and boy, were the kids excited. I let each boy pick a design to carve (or have Daddy carve). Nick was proud of his choice.

Carving pumpkins was fun!

We let Nick use one of the little knives to help carve his pumpkin. He was pretty coordinated with the knife.


Nick liked the scooping of the goop, but he flung it all over the place during the process. We ended up with pumpkin goop on the walls and floor.

The kids remembered wearing the pumpkin tops as hats from last year, and insisted on trying them on again.

Henry was particularly pleased with his makeshift hat.

Man, did we ever make a mess!

Grandma Toni helped with the goop, the scooping, and the cleaning. She even wore her Halloween outfit for the occasion.

Nick liked the feel of the goop in his hands. He used it as a sort of sensory bowl. Hey, whatever keeps him busy, right. (Do you see the orange goop on the wall behind him?)

Nick was showing off his strength by picking up his pumpkin.

Shall we just say that everyone needed a bath after this experience?

Here is the final result. Henry picked out a crescent moon pumpkin design, with stars all around. Daddy did a great job of following the pattern.

Nick wanted a more traditional face, and he did help with the carving a bit, though by the end we decided no more knives for children. Nick kept peeking out of the loft window to check on his pumpkin on the porch.

That pumpkin grinned right back at him.   :)

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