Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Here's a quick wrap up of our mother's day.

I got to spend it with my two sons and my husband, who got me Ravinia tickets and some lovely flowers. Nick had this very special present for me that he made in school.

He even tried to write out his full name, Nicholas. The letters are all there. . . somewhere.

We ate Portillo's in the car. I think Portillo's is Nick's all-time favorite place to get lunch.

We went up to visit my mother for a little bit.

Both boys got some snuggle time and played outside.

Henry helped out by mowing the lawn.

We went to Grandma Toni's for dinner. Greg cooked the whole yummy dinner (meatloaf) for all of us, plus Aunt Sarah.

Henry entertained us with his antics. Yes, that's a bowl on his head.

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