Saturday, May 4, 2013

Henry jumped over the caterpillar!

I've been taking Henry to a parent-child dance class for the last few months. This class is usually pretty fun, but if someone were watching from the outside, they would be laughing really hard. The instructor dances, the mommies try to copy her, and the toddlers look at us like are we're completely nuts. It's really all about learning to follow directions and having fun moving around, and I do think Henry is doing that. He loves the class and he sure has fun! They wear hats, play with shakers, and try all kinds of dance moves.

Every week, the teacher puts a stuffed caterpillar on a plastic star. She wants the kids to hold up a furry flower and jump over the caterpillar. Then (if anyone makes it that far) they're supposed to turn in a circle and take a bow or curtsy. Every kid takes a turn, and there are differing degrees of success. I would say that none of the one and two-year-olds in this class ever follow all the directions, and some of them even stay attached to a parent's leg.

Sometimes Henry stomps on the caterpillar, sometimes he picks up the plastic star and runs across the room with it. Sometimes he tries to feed the flower to the caterpillar.

This week, Henry actually followed most of the directions. Watch this!

Henry was the star of our little toddler dance class, at least for a minute or so. Everyone clapped for him, and he wore a huge grin.  While I completely realize that this moment of glory is a tiny (and maybe rather silly) accomplishment, I am still filled with excitement when I watch it. Go Henry! 

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