Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trimming the Tree

It is officially Christmas season at our house. We decorated our tree and brought out all of the ornaments least likely to be eaten and/or shattered by Henry.

Our baby cage has been brought into service again as well. This time, instead of keeping a baby in, it is keeping Henry out. He would climb inside the tree and knock it over without a barrier.

Henry loves our tree. He has been denuding it of any ornaments he can reach, though, and throwing toys and books into the baby cage with the tree. Henry points to it and grunts, but hasn't managed to say "tree" yet. Nick's first real word was "tree," back in 2009.

I love the multicolored lights. I had the same kind on my Christmas tree as a child, and I love the patterns they make when you move your head around. My camera, though quite slow at snapping pictures with moving children around, took some neat shots of the lights.

Tonight, to start off our holiday season, we're snuggling up and watching The Polar Express. Nick is mesmerized.


  1. That's going to be me in a year, with the protective barrier around the tree. I'll have an almost one year old possibly walking up to the tree to pull things off. We love the Polar Express. Great movie.

  2. Possibly? Oh, he'll do it alright. :) Unbreakable ornaments, that's my advice. Nick has been begging to watch it again this morning. I agree, excellent movie.