Saturday, December 8, 2012

Decking the Halls

We've been decking our halls lately, and both Nick and Henry simply adore helping with the decking. We don't have a chimney, but our stockings are hung over the window with care. (Notice Terrance the Elf hanging out in Nick's stocking. Terrance is a bit of a tattletale.)

When I was a little girl, my mom made an advent calendar for us, and I have temporary custody of it (until my sister has kids). Henry and Nicholas have been taking turns sticking up the ornaments. Today was Henry's turn. He is able to stick the ornaments onto the velcro by himself, though he sometimes tries to chew on them or put them back into the little pockets.

Our whole house is looking festive, even if our tree is denuded everyday of all ornaments below about three feet.

I picked up some static cling decorations, and man, did that $4 worth of plastic entertain my boys! I bought polar bears ice skating in the wintertime, and Henry loved pulling them off and sticking them back up.

Last week, we went to a craft fair, and the boys helped me pick out a few new ornaments. Nick liked this little mouse the best. Notice Molly the cat in the background, looking mildly disapproving.

I was mildly surprised at Henry's dexterity at sticking up the static clings.

Ahh, the many joys of the holidays. (And I haven't even talked about cookies yet. That's a whole other post. . . )

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